Nutrition Facts

Ghee Candles

by Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship


A healthy, delicious, natural fat
revered for centuries

  • Prepared in our solar-powered kitchen with organic butter from grass-fed cows never exposed to pesticides or artificial hormones
  • Slow-cooked in small batches to remove water and milk solids from the golden oil
  • Smoke point of 485° (higher than most vegetable oils)
  • Rich in vitamins A, E, and K and lactose- and gluten-free

Produced in Iowa since 1992


"We love your ghee and really appreciate the personal touch to your service. Spring Sunrise Ghee is so fresh and pure. It is our favorite ghee!"


  • Substitute for butter in your favorite recipes (makes heavenly cookies!)
  • Pour onto popcorn, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice and other grains
  • Fry eggs, potaoes, or anything you want taste delectable
  • Use as a natural, nourishing make-up remover
  • See our RECIPES

All the Reasons You Should Add Ghee to Your Diet — From a Doctor

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