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What is ghee?

Ghee is the Sanskrit word for clarified butter, also known
as drawn butter.

  • the clear, golden, oily part of the butter
  • lasts many months without refrigeration
  • can be heated highly enough to fry foods
  • imparts a rich, savory flavor
  • considered a health enhancer by Ayurveda, the
    natural medicine tradition of India

Clarified Organic unsalted butter

  • rBST-Free
  • no injected hormones
  • mostly grass fed
  • stays fresher longer because water content is


"We love your ghee and really appreciate the personal touch to your service. Spring Sunrise Ghee is so fresh and pure. It is our favorite ghee!"


  • substitute for butter in your favorite receipes (makes heavenly cookies!)
  • pour onto popcorn, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice and other grains
  • Fry eggs, potaoes, or anything you want to be delectable
  • Use as a natural nourishing make-up remover
  • Rub on the soles of your feet before bed to ease tension and promote restfulness.

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