Our Story

Newlyweds John and Christina Revolinski moved to Fairfield, Iowa, in 1980 to meditate in the Golden Domes at Maharishi University with the hundreds who gathered there to create world peace. They left after a few years to teach meditation, including to executives at General Motors and to school children in India. In 1986 they founded an Ayurvedic health center in Massachusetts. When they returned to Iowa in 1989 with their two-year-old son, Donald, they started a home food business to supplement John’s earnings at a local non-profit.

In 1992 Christina added ghee to their line of products and many in the local health-conscious, spiritual community became loyal customers. When  Donald came home from school with a watercolor he titled, “A Spring Sunrise,”  the business became “Spring Sunrise Natural Foods.” In 1999 their ghee was available on their new website, springsunrise.com.

As the years passed, the business gradually grew on its own. While Christina always wanted to “go national,” John was happy to collect a small supplemental income from a business that virtually ran itself. For years their inspected kitchen was located in the basement of a rental home they owned and was operated by the downstairs tenant in exchange for rent.

As the number of retail outlets in the region grew and they started co-packing for a local entrepreneur who sold their ghee under his own label on Amazon.com, they realized they needed to expand their manufacturing capacity to take advantage of the growing interest in ghee nationally. After searching disappointingly for rental space, they decided to build their own production facility in nearby Maharishi Vedic City.

When Christina passed away unexpectedly in 2017, plans for the new facility were well underway. On April 18, 2018 the company moved into the new “ghee house,” solar-powered at the insistence of son, Donald, now a partner in the company. It is designed according to “Vastu,” principles of architecture from ancient India which align the building, its inhabitants, and the goods produced there with the positive and life-supporting influences of Nature.

Our mission is to bring you the most refined and soothing gift from nature to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy!