Spring Sunrise

Ghee Candles

Nourishing & Non-Toxic

· 100% pure organic ghee

· No noxious off-gas as with petroleum-based paraffin wax

· All-natural 100% cotton wick braided with a touch of paper and coated with veggie wax.

People report that buring this candle—

· Soothes the senses and emotions
· Gives relaxation and comfort
· Creates a healing influence
· Eliminates odors
· Creates harmony and good will
· Calms family conflicts
· Settles hyperactive children


Christina's Ghee Candle Story

When traveling to India many years ago, a wise old man at an open market gave me a clay saucer and wick to burn ghee—natural fuel contained in this lamp. When I lit it, I experienced a feeling of being at home-secure and protected. Like magic, its glow seemed to dissolve stress and tension. It is the purest light I've ever seen.

I travel with it everywhere.Burning this ancient fuel creates a soothing spiritual influence, enhancing relaxation and healing. Its flame emanates purity and eliminates odors. The finest level of feeling is awakened-where your dreams can come true. It's my "magic lamp!"

We have created this lamp in easy to use, candle-like jar. Be careful--it can liquify as the ghee melts.

Enjoy your magic lamp!

Christina Maria